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What is so different in RDX Season 3

In the heart of dance, there’s a rhythm that knows no boundaries of wealth or status. In our past seasons, we’ve come to realize that some passionate dancers have been held back from participating due to the audition fee we traditionally charged. While our intent was to support the underprivileged, we understand that this fee posed a barrier. To ensure inclusivity and to honor the talent that knows no bounds, we’ve made a pivotal decision for Season 3 – we will not be charging any audition fee.

But that’s not all. In our relentless pursuit of celebrating the spirit of dance, we’re introducing two new categories that resonate with the passion of moms and dads. Alongside our existing four categories, we’re proud to announce the addition of the “Best Dancing Mom” and “Best Dancing Dad” categories.


Up to 14 years
Solo Sr - Above 14 years

No age bar

No Age bar

Classical Dance of India
No age bar

- Best Dancing Mom
- Best Dancing Dad
No age bar




Online auditions are ON for Season 3 from 26th January 2024 & it's FREE(only auditions) for all, you can upload your dance video on our website through Register now button & if you face any problem, please feel free to call us on our numbers mentioned below

Grand Finale

Shortlisted dancers for Grand finale have to pay the Registration FEE (mentioned below) with in a weeks time(7 days) after they are given confirmation from our end. Those who will not secure their position for Grand Finale within the defined timelines; there selection will be reframed and it will be disqualified. Maximum time limit in all dance categories is 5 minutes.

- SOLO Junior - INR 2000
- SOLO Senior - INR 2000
- DUET Dance - INR 3000
- GROUP Dance - INR 3500
- CLASSICAL Dance - INR 3500


Participant are now required to upload their music online after completing their registration. Music must be uploaded in the online registration portal at least two weeks prior to your scheduled event. Please contact our office if you have any issues while uploading. We still ask that you bring a backup option (USB Flash Drive, iPod, or iPad) to the competition in case there is an issue with the uploaded music. CDs will NOT be accepted as backup music. In case of the following reasons, participants entry will be disqualified.

  1. If it hurts the sentiments of any religion or country
  2. If the duration of your music exceeds from the stipulated time then it will be abruptly stopped and will not be allowed or may call for points
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Judging/ Deductions

Each entry will be judged by a qualified panel of judges. Judges’ decisions will be final. Contacting or speaking to judges is strictly prohibited at all times in order to give a fair chance to all participants.

Routines will be scored out of a possible 50 points (10 points for each parameter). Judges will consider Technique, Innovation, Stage Presence, Choreography, and Expression while scoring.


  • Performance should not be indecent for audience. Any performance that a judge feels is not appropriate is subject to a deduction of marks or even disqualification.
  • Props must be moved on and off dance floor in a timely manner. If a judge feels that the removal of a prop takes too long, points may be deducted. No dangerous props allowed
  • Points may be deducted if a routine contains more dancers than were registered

Additional Information - Must Read

  • Any participant if got injured during the Grand Finale Performance has to take his/her responsibility as we are not taking any responsibility of any such situation and if he/ she decide to dance even after any injury, it will be the sole discretion of the participant and his family. In such a situation, you will not get any refund.
  • If we disqualify any participant due to any above-mentioned reasons, there will be no refund to the participant.
  • Each participant would be expected to present at the allocated time slot only. We will not allow any early or late admission to the hall & in case of non-availability at the scheduled time, participant would be considered disqualified.
  • Especially abled participants will be allowed on special prior approval from the management
  • Every Participant(s) shall bring their respective costumes and dance equipments for the Grand Finale
  • Participation by anyone shall be rejected, if it is found that the participant(s) have provided wrong information to the Organizers.
  • For the purpose of participation, all expenses if any, including traveling cost and expense incurred, shall be borne by the participant(s)
  • The contest may be discontinued or terminated by organizers at any point of time without assigning any reason thereof
  • In case of any lockdown or any unforeseen incident/ natural disaster; organiser will terminate the event without assigning any reason to participants and will not be liable to pay back/ refund any participation Fee.

I/We have read the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein above/I have been explained the above terms and conditions. I agree to Abide by the Rules/Terms and Conditions for participation of the Applicant.


Most frequent questions and answers

Approximately 2 days before your competition, we will post the performance schedule on Instagram. So please ensure you follow and keep track of every single post on Insta.

Yes! All competitions are open to the participating dance institutes and One companion with the participant is FREE and after that there will be a nominal fee of INR 250 per person 

We do have a professional photographer and videographer at our event and offer FREE photos and videos, which will be available to download within 1 weeks after the event.

You can also visit our event results page and many of our social media sites for additional photos and videos

Yes, Independent entries  are allowed for the competition. You can apply online on our website

  • SOLO Junior – Up to 14 years
  • SOLO Senior – Above 14 years
  • DUET  No age bar
  • GROUP Dance – No age bar 
  • CLASSICAL Dance – No age bar
  • BEST Dancing MOM – No age bar
  • BEST Dancing DAD – No age bar

We do not have a limit as to how many solos a particular dancer can compete, however, soloists may only place once in the top 50 in their perspective age category.

We will not be responsible for any travel and stay. Though, our team can help you or guide you for few cost effective options but it has to be booked by you itself.

Once you qualify, there is no other round. You will get to perform directly at the Grand Finale after paying the registration fee.

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